What does your health screen report tells you?

The Health Screening Booklet serves as a guide to provide brief but useful information about your lab test results reported on your health screen. Please consult your physician for an in depth explanation and interpretation of your results.

Health Screening Booklet

Please note the following points when reading this booklet:

  1. Your health screen report may not comprise all the lab tests mentioned in this booklet. Your doctor will have tailored the health screen based on your medical history and health condition.
  2. The majority (about 95%) of a normal population test results will fall within the normal range. About 5% of the normal population test results may be slightly above or below the normal level.
  3. It is an acceptable fact that a normal person’s test results may fluctuate at different times although still within the normal range. This occurrence may be due to diet or other factors.
  4. Health conditions are not conclusive based solely on laboratory test results. Lab results should correlate with your medical history and other clinical findings.

The Food Calorie Guide on Page 40 to 43 of the booklet is a great resource for Doctors and Patients to ascertain the calorie intake of various food and beverages. Eating well and eating the right kind of food is essential to good health. Before embarking on any diet or strenuous exercise it is wise to first consult your Doctor.